MP3 Player or IPOD ?

Another reason why Allegro DJ Service is exceptional.

Have you ever wanted to use your IPOD or MP3 player's songs for your wedding? Now you can. Use your IPOD or MP3 player for your Elegant Naples Wedding Reception or Ceremony. Now you can be your own DJ - Disc Jockey; but, please be aware.

Although, we will provide a place for you to plug in your IPOD, we want you to be prepared for the upside and the down side. While IPOD s have become the rage, and are great for personal music, there are some drawbacks to using them live in a performance. You cannot just press play on your IPOD and expect to have a great dance party. It takes perception and experience to interpret the crowd’s reaction. A great hit song played too early may tank; while a song that should have been played earlier could wipe out the entire dance floor. Please, remember that weddings and parties may be a difficult environment to control too. People are partying and drinking and we don't want to be responsible for any lost, damaged, stolen, malfunctioning, quality of music, or transitions between songs while using a client’s IPOD. Another problem is that you can't cue a song out of your play-list while the IPOD is playing another song. We work around these deficiencies by installing your special music into our system before the event. Good advance planning makes it happen. Only as a last solution, bring your IPOD to your wedding/party. Remember, you are there to have fun, not to work.

Computerized music has many benefits:

  • Carry thousands of songs on a small hard drive.
  • Hard drive can fit in your shirt pocket.
  • Songs may be accessed immediately cued and played.
  • The quality can be equal to that of a CD.
  • Can still include old songs and new songs.
  • Growing repertoire does not change physical size.
  • Good things come in little packages.
  • Fill in your specific instructions and they will be followed precisely with our wedding instructions form.
  • Professional state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Computerized digital system that allows us to recall your songs on demand.
  • Set your songs up in a preferred play list prior to your event.
  • Include those hard to find special requests from your personal collection of CDs, MP3 files, or Ipod.
  • Reasonable prices. Use our Contact Form for a quote.
  • We give you, the client, exactly what you want to insure a great time.
  • Back up DJ, back up equipment.
"Our goal is to bring you outstanding entertainment and personal service at an affordable price."
Michael Hennessy - Owner.