Erica sings, "A-put your hands up, I got a hump in my back, a-comon now, a-like-a this now."

Erica Lewis rocks the houseErica sets the tempo and delivers the goods. The people on the dance floor can't sit still. They gotta wiggle their back and move their hips from side to side. Sit yourself down in your car and take a ride.

Erica even works hard on her break to make people feel at homeIt is rare to see Erica sitting down. When the music's pumpin' the foot starts thumpin' to the rhythm of the boogie the beat.

Erica Lewis entertaining on Martha's VinyardErica is belting a soulful ballad, "Get Here" by Oleta Adams in a memorable performance. Sail boaters from all over the east coast made a special journey to Martha's Vineyard to hear her sing this performance.

Erica up close and personalErica loves to get up close and personal. Sing and dancing is her thing. She loves it and it shows. She is the hardest working woman in show biz.

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Live entertainment including Cape Cod DJ.